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"A Cruiser tank at the eastern front"

Bronco has launched some times ago another great kit with item no. CB35030 under the designation:"Panzerkampfwagen Pz.Kpfw. Mk.IV 744(e). What a complicated name for tank an some of us will ask: "What is that for a type?" Well, this was the german designation for the british A13 Mk.IV Cruiser tank, captured and pressed in german service. Basically this version based naturally on former released versions of the A13 Mk.II Cruiser tanks, so you will get some parts for your spare box.


The British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) left nearly 100 MK.IV tanks in France. As usual the german pressed captured material into service. The tanks were little bit converted and received somme modifications. Some very good pictures are existingfrom the Panzer Abtl.(F)100. This unit possessed 9 of these tanks, was allocated to the 18.Pz.Div. and took part at Operation "Barbarossa" from the beginning. Shortly after beginning the campaign at the Ostfront all 9 tanks were lost and her carrier ended. A inspirational source you find at the following link:

At a large box we find 9 sprues with extreme fine moulded parts, 2 sprues for the german jerry cans, 3 small PE-plates. The tracks are made completely single track links in plastic. I don´t know how much many parts, but there are a lot of. At the first look the dark yellow plastic parts have clean crisp details, the quality of moulding is excellent. All in all the content is very promising and so I started the assembling with high expectations.

I used the FRIUL tracks ATL 52 for Pz.Kpfw. II D

Turret befor adding additional armor plates


and some pics of the finished model:

My verdict: A paaing mark on own behalf: It was an interesting challenge for me as german modeller to build a typical british tank in service of the german army. This model was build over lengthen period, breaks up with phases of reluctance. There is no doubt about the high quality of parts, also the fit is excellent. If you want to build the CRUISER series from Bronco I congratulate to this decision, but you should be not a beginner or an impatient modeller.

 A full article about this model was published at Military Illustrated Modeller (MIM) at issue #10 (FEBRUARY 2012)


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