Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Sd.Kfz.250/11 with 2,8cm sPzB 41

This Dragon-Kit was yet finished after some months in the halfpipe. This time no much words - let pictures speak :-)

The components are ready for painting

ABER PE-parts werde used, the lights are from ROYAL MODEL

extremly fine single track links with fantastic wheels from WWII Production, Australia

sPzB 41 from Dragon wirh EDUARD PE-Parts

And now..lets have a look at the finished, heavy used, heavy worn and muddy halftrack:

you want some detail shots? Ok, why not?


hmm, not enough? Well, whats about the model placed into a litte base?


Hope you like it. This will be the last military model for a time, the next projects are...thats a surpise :-)

All the best


spike1711 hat gesagt…

You did a wonderful job, there are no words ....... fantastic

Julio Rojas hat gesagt…

Just Wow !!

Bizarre hat gesagt…

Hallo Lars! I also started at blogspot:)

Przemo Mrożek hat gesagt…

Great kit, beautiful base ! Congratulations :)

paulo hat gesagt…

Haughtiness scenette