Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011


After some time of inactivity now is high time for an update, isn’t it? Since the last post I worked further at my “Cougar” - the project is not down, only postpone to a later date. I keep you informed.

Meanwhile I had some other projects on my bench, visited the Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven and work on some articles. Let’s start with the SMC 2011. I am always blast away if I see all the great models, I am always happy to meet the guys behind these models and other very friendly modellers; the offers of the dealers were again immense – it’s enough to drive you crazy. Finally I have to say a BIG RESPECT to the guys of SMC, Thank you for a great organization!

For those who interested – here the official Link to the Show….

I had some models in the contest. It was a successful day for me and a big motivation. These are my results:
GOLD at quarterscale class

SILVER at Quarterscale class

SILVER at 1:35 Master Class

BRONZE at 1:35 Master class


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