Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

MISSION PEACEKEEPING - or build a Canadian AVGP "Cougar"

This time I picked up a new kit from TRUMPETER. Under the item no.: 01501 TRU launched recently this new kit of the Canadian Army. The "COUGAR" based on the MOWAG "Piranha"-family and TRU used for this kit many wellknown parts of her LAV-Series.

The typical Trumpeter-style box contains:

6 grey sprues with 221 parts, lower hull, upper hull, 1 sprue of 17 clear parts, 1 (very small) sheet of PE parts, rubber tires, a turned aluminium barrel (and a plastic barrel ), sheet of decals for two versions (a United Nation version and a regular Canadian version), 12-page instruction book with colour painting and marking guide for the Cougar.

I will build this "little Piranha" as a UN-Nations vehicle like Canadian Peacekeeper troops used the "Cougar" f.i. at Bosnia at the beginning of the 90th´s.

The model was build mostly OOTB regardless some minor errors in the kit itself or missing parts. If you want more substantianl informations about Trumpeters interpretation of the "Cougar" I would recommend the most welcome forum "MODERN CANADIAN VEHICLES" - here the link:

I will concentrate me relaxed basically at the paintjob. You´re gladly invited to look over my shoulder.

ahh..if you ask me - this are NOT the wheels from the kit! I hate rubber wheels and if possible I replace them without fail. I choosed resin wheels from ARMORSCALE. The typical "MICHELIN" descriptions is also missing indeed, but anyway, Resin makes later no trouble like rubber.


RIHARD hat gesagt…

Very interesting updating of a blog

Modellours Workshop hat gesagt…

Great looking kit. I was looking at the same one, last time I were in the hobby store.

Danny_Jeurissen hat gesagt…

Great looking kit,nice work