Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

"HUMVEE-FEVER" Part 2.0 - M1025 Military Police

Well, as announced I could let my fingers off from these little kits and recently I finished my second HUMVEE. This time I would like to show you the Tamiya kit No. 89790 which is also sold under the vacuous term: “US modern 4x4 utility vehicle”. Inside the white box we find again a very nice und fine moulded kit of the famous HUMVEE, the M1025 variant. I am always astonished if I see the lovely details on a small (length 9,7 cm) model.

The model was built strictly forward OOTB, only the wheels were replaced with the tougher looking wheels from HAULER.

As I saw some very nice pics of M1025 in snowy countryside I know it: my HUMVEE should be shown splattered with heavy mud. The problem was: I never before tried to simulate heavy wet / dry mud on a model. There are a lot of techniques possible and after some attempts I used for the wet mud: pigments, Humbrol H 29 earth and a little bit gloss clear. This mixture was stumped with an old brush in random manner. Over this mixture I applied later different lighter pigments. These were applied only dry. After drying this I was a little bit sad, because I lost so many fine details, but I tell you something: The dirty M1025 looks very natural with all these mud effects. Anyway, I’m not sure if I do something like this again because all the details are too fine to conceal her under heavy coats of mud.

Finally I made a little base with wintry atmosphere and muddy groundwork to place the M1025 in his element and to make the mud effects plausible.

My verdict: This is again a kit that shows the high standard of Tamiya and esp. the possibilities of quarterscale kits - I could be a serial offender :-)

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