Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Russian Jeep - the GAZ-69M

The russian GAZ-69 is a four wheel drive light truck, produced by GAZ (Gorkovskij Awtomobilnyj Zavod) between 1953 and 1955. From 1954 until 1972 it was produced by UAZ, as UAZ-69, though they were commonly known as GAZ-69s as well. Many thousends of these cars were produced and saw service worldwide – mainly at the formerly Warzaw pact countries.

Recently Bronco has launched under item number CB 35096 a very new plastic moulded kit of the russian utility car GAZ 69M. The kit was produced in cooperation with the Czech manufacturer SKP models

I personally think the moulds are from SKP and BRONCO undertakes the task of mass production and distribution worldwide. Also the BRONCO delivered kits have different decal options with – what a pleasure for me – decals for a NATIONALE VOLKSARMEE (NVA) version.

Well, I was very curious about that kit and some days ago I started the building. My first impression is: absolutely fine (and finer) details, very tiny plastic parts and no flash around. Absolutely stunning! But be aware – there are a lot of single parts to glue and you’ll need a lot of time for building.

Here some first pictures of my efforts:

Frame moulded as a single piece, here with all attaching parts

Engine (a kit in the kit) existing of 35 parts.

The assembling required two evenings and sometimes I thought “less could be more, dear BRONCO”. However, after finishing the steps 1 - 7 you have an extremely fine detailed chassis with engine. Actually the tide of details cry’s for a model with open bonnet….some additional wires and tubes and you have a perfect engine replica. But I bought the kit because I had a fast building project in my minds…I am still irresolute.

Ok, the project open bonnet is shelved. I had massive fit problems with engine and bonnet. I can’t explain the reason for this, maybe I placed the engine wrong or I was easy unable to read the construction in the right way. So I made finally the option with closed bonnet. Bye bye engine!

Honestly, I asked myself why BRONCO does such an extensive detailing at areas you never will see after gluing the body on the frame?

After my fighting with the bottom and gluing the body I had some nice looking sub assembling on my bench. Here you can see a overall view before the painting session started. Some details were added and some kit parts were replaced by PE-Parts from the spare box. The windscreen was masked with Tamiya tape.

looks like a real jeep, right?

Meanwhile the GAZ received his colour. Over a black basecote I sprayed different thin layers of self mixed green tones. The most delicate job was to find a convincing mixture for the top. Maybe I should tell you, that my GAZ should be a vehicle of the formerly East German army – the Nationale Volksarmee or NVA. I saw many pictures with a more blue green like coloured top.

More asap!

ok, months later..I own you the pictures of the finished model. Finally I decided to make a simple base. Such a small base is a ideal possibilty to show a model "in action". A full article about the kit, the building & painting will published soon in the Tamiya Magazine Int.


amd39 hat gesagt…

Cool work.
Looks like nice kit this one.
Im thinking of getting one myself.
Looking forward to finished job.

Gennadiy hat gesagt…

Nice work. Here is another radio-controlled Gaz-69. FULL METAL SCALE RC GAZ-69:

Jackie Champion hat gesagt…

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