Montag, 20. September 2010

"A handful Steyr 1500"

At the WW2 the Steyr 1500 A was a quite common vehicle at the german Wehrmacht. The large clearance, a wading depth of 70 cm and the air-cooling made the Steyr ideal for cross-country purposes. The Steyr 1500 A/01 with internal spare wheel was manufactured from September 1941 to around August 1942. Around August 1942, the superstructure was changed. The spare wheel was moved outside of the car body. This model was manufactured until March 1944. Steyr produced over 12400 vehicles until March 1944. After bombing the factory the production ended.

So far the view back in history :-)

After some months ob absence from modelling I picked up another quarterscale kit for my re-entry.
All along one of my favourite kits was doubtless the Tamiya Kit of the german Steyr 1500 car. The Kit (No.32549) looks brilliant, a typical Tamiya kit – easy to build with an excellent fit overall.

Together with some aftermarket stuff it is possible to build a very realistic quarterscale model of this widely used german car. As you can see I used the BlackDog item T48053, some ABER and Hauler PE-Parts. Btw, the ABER Set 48045 is one of the most finest and extensive PE-Sets I ever saw. The parts are so tiny that ABER gives you two identical frames in case you should never find again lost parts on your carpet :-) I must confessed I was not able to use all of the tiny PE-Parts. If there is somebody out there who can make it – I wish I had his eyes, fingers, tools and patience.

The assembling proceeded without any problems, only the BlackDog accessories set needs some sanding for perfect fit.

What else as a worn winter white camouflage could be a possibility at these days? The almighty hairspraymethod as well was my choice. After spraying different grey tones the whole model was sprayed with hairspray. After some minutes drying I sprayed water diluted Tamiya XF-2 white. Then I was going smoke a cigarette and drunk a cup of coffee, returned back after 30 min and started removing the white colour with an old brush.

Some weathering, mainly with Vallejo-Paints was done for more change of the even looking white colour. Note I do not a heavy weathering with chips or streaks. Only some mud effects were applied.
Enough of boring storys – in fact there were no new or unknown techniques I used. I invite you to simplify matters looking the pics and have fun (or not).

Anyway, I plan a simple vignette with using a great painted figure by my friend Xavi Ruiz Xavi has now his own blog  ---->

Asap I will show you the whole scene.

See you later!


Julio Rojas hat gesagt…

Superb !! Good job !!

gerald bourse hat gesagt…

Applause for this beautiful Steyr 1500
cordially gerald