Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010



Hi Folks,

How time flies….over two months are passing since my last post here and nothing goes forward. The last months I couldn’t find any motivation for modelling madness – no inspirations, no time, loose all interests and on the other side too much unassembled kits in my stock. I realized that I can’t build all these kits in my whole life – even if I would be a very very old man. So I started some reflections about my hobby: what means modelling for me? What inspires me at the most? Where are my strengths? I think meanwhile I find an answer:

The most inspiring subjects are for me small vignettes with awesome looking figures – on all exhibitions I visit the last years, on all forums here in the www. – always I am keen on these little lifelike scenes.

I think this will be my way in the future. I have actually some thoughts in my head…..I hope I will be able to realize these thoughts in the near future.

Until then: enjoy your hobby