Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

„Better than the germans best“ – Tamiya´s superb quarterscale kit KV-1

This tank puzzles the german soldiers by her first contact. A heavy, well armoured tank with a mighty 76,2 mm gun and wide tracks. And what kind of tanks couldn’t the germans offer? A Panzer IV….
 Well, at the beginning of Operation “Barbarossa” the Russian army possessed nearly 700 of these tanks. Most of these vehicles were lost by mechanical failures or abounded after hits / own mistakes by the crew. In fact only the german “Acht-Acht” anti aircraft-gun and 105mm howitzers were able to destroy these rolling fortresses.

Tamiya shows a highly-detailed 1/48 assembly model kit with a die-cast chassis for added weight and realism. (Don’t know why). The tracks come with one-piece straight parts featuring realistic sag effect. Additionally I used some aftermarket products:HAULER PE-Parts, HAULER KV-1 engine and an ABER Alu-barrel.

Maybe it would be a nice idea to buy the single tracks from FRIUL – I believe they are even better than the admittedly good tracks from the box.

Here some pics of the construction. Clear to see which parts were replaced. Also note the self made texture at the turret.

Basecoat was done with Tamiya acrylic (Black XF-1) for a first impression of deepth. The green cammo was made ( my first time) with green tones from LIFECOLOR. The result looks very nice in my eyes - but the colors are hard to handle with an airbrush.



Finally the KV-1 was finished. I was so enthusiastic - I made no further Step-by-steps pics and here you can see the final result.